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5 years today 💔
The new RNLI boat with your name on sailed in yesterday, right on time for Daddy's birthday. This is the second boat now but one that feels special as its so close to home, and we'll be able to visit and see it whenever we want. I know you will watch over all those who use, or need to be rescued by the boat and keep them all safe. We're so proud little girl, so so proud. Love always xx
I love you x
Thinking of you, always x
Happy 10th birthday my special little lady, Lots and lots of love Xxxxxxxxxx
A rose for a beautiful soul x
Always will be you & I.
Missing you my special little lady xxxxxx
Love always ❤️
Your mummy xx January 24th, 2022
Happy new year my little girl xx
Happy New year beautiful girl ❤️
Aunty Ba xxx January 1st, 2022
My special little lady xxxxxx
Hey my pickle, Hope you're having a blast up there, looking down on us all. I miss you more than words can say, and you are always in my thoughts and heart. I love you so much my baby girl, forever your aunty Weezy xxxxxxx
my beautiful and special little lady xxxxxx
Nanny xxxxxx October 24th, 2021
Missing you always, Mummy x