Emily July 8th, 2019

I'm missing you so much beautiful girl. Your headstone has arrived and it looks absolutely beautiful. I hope you like it. Mummy & daddy went away for the weekend and it was so nice to see your friends & family going down to visit you. There's so much love here for you , I hope you can see how missed you are from up there. We're really trying to get through each day as best we can without you, but its so hard. You were my right arm, I'm lost without you. I'm trying my hardest to be brave for Bea but I wish so badly things were different and you were here with us. There's nothing that I wouldn't give to have you back here where you belong. It's so hard to enjoy moments knowing you would have loved each and every day of your life on this earth. You were so appreciative of even the littlest of things. I didn't have to spend lots of money on fancy toys and big days out (although we did have lots of fun days out!) But you were just happy at home with your mummy & daddy and dreaming of the days where you could lay on the floor and play with your little sister. And you never got to do that. I'm so sorry Darcy. I love you to the moon & back, Mummy x