Becky June 11th, 2020

❤️ 11th June 2016 ❤️ The day your Mummy and I did the sky dive for The Brompton! I can remember the day we decided to do the sky dive like it was yesterday. To begin with we was just going to do a half Marathon but when your Mummy emailed The Brompton Fountain to book us on, they replied telling us all the slots where taken but there was still spaces for THE SKYDIVE! We were out for lunch at the time and by the time I’d come back to the table from getting a drink, your Mummy booked us on 🙈. Once I’d got my head round it, I was so excited and then the work began trying to get those important donations for The Brompton but we did it! Waking up on this day four years ago the nerves started to really kick in but do you know what got me through, hearing when Mummy asked you what ‘Mummy and Aunty Ba’ were doing today and you shouted with joy “Jumping out of an aeroplane”. You were and always will be my inspiration In many ways but especially because of your bravery. No matter what battle came your way you was ready to fight it and with a big smile on your face! That’s why I knew there was no other way I was coming down from that sky but Jumping! When walking back from doing it, all I could see was your massive smile and your waving hands in the air. In that moment, it made it all so worthwhile! You was what got me through that day and I hope I’ve continued to make you proud! I hold this memory and every other memories you have ever given me, by being the amazing you, in my heart forever! Love you to the moon and Back!