You became a big sister!

2019 January 19

Created by Emily 4 years ago

At exactly 5am on the dot, you became a big sister to our beautiful baby Bea, although you wasthe monent we told you that we were going to be having a baby. You were SO excited. You spoke about her every day, telling everyone who would listen. You would ask me every morning ‘mummy, when’s my baby sister going to be here?’


It would seem that Bea couldn’t wait to meet you either my darling. As she arrived on the 19th, one week earlier than planned. I remember facetiming you to introduce you to her and you were just in awe. You had the biggest, brightest smile and I couldn’t wait for you to come to the hospital and give her a cuddle.


When you walked through the doors to the ward, that massive smile crept on to your face again. You spent the next few hours cuddling your baby sister and I managed to get some precious photos. I always knew I would treasure them forever - I just didn’t know quite how much they would end up meaning to me.