The day you changed all of our lives ??

Created by Becky 4 years ago
The day i got told i was going to be an Aunty for the first time, i was unaware that i was about to face a    lifetime of happiness, laughter, emotion and love. I can remember the day you was born like it was yesterday, the instant love i felt when i saw you and that love has defiently never left. Everyone was so excited to meet you, having to put in a little rota to fit us all in. The first time we took you out, was to Bluewater and even complete strangers were in love with you, meaning a simple shopping trip turnt into having to stop every 5 minutes for someone to look at you, saying how beautiful you was. You made everyone proud with your attitude to life, your witty comments and your ability to always smile no matter what you faced. I think we can all say we hold so many memories and special moments that you have given us for life. You are so loved and we are all so grateful of all the time we got to have with you. The day i met that beautiful baby, i could not of predicted what was to follow but we must of done something right to get you for our family! ❤️