Becky April 6th, 2019

I used to love our old Saturday nights in. It would be our naughty night where we would order a takeaway and have a picnic in the living room. Me and you used to lay the blanket out and go and get all the knifes and forks ready. The food would come and we would be so excited having our picnic and without fail you’d end up putting your foot in something, normally the pizza. To finish our night we would put the music up as loud as we can (luckily we had no neighbours) and dance around the living room like no-one was watching. My favourite part would be being made to stand on our ‘stage’ which in fact was the fireplace. This certainly was not bigger not for me, you, Mummy and Nanny but We definitely had to try! I miss these nights like no other. Hope you’re dancing on your stage tonight beautiful ❤️